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More people are turning to hardwoods, decorative concrete and other hard surfaces to spiff up their floors.

We got some comments about  hardwood  floors  from   the professionals. Take your time to read them!:)

An interior designer says:

The trend is toward hard surfaces in flooring, such as wood and tile.

There's a larger variety of woods, and more colors, to choose from than several years ago.

You can easily change a hardwood floors  look with area rugs. They will make your room more welcoming.

The hardwood-floor industry says:

Wood can last hundreds of years with proper care and periodic refinishing.

It doesn't hold on to allergens that can sink into the fibers of carpet.

Exotic woods that come in shades of yellow, pink, orange, purple and black are available. The trend is toward natural finishes without stains.

Bottom line: Wood is easy to clean and doesn't stain. It is current, durable and made from a sustainable resource.

A historic preservationist says:

Prior to 1890, most Midwest homes were built with softwood floors covered with patterned carpets imported from England.

Between the late 19th century and early 20th century, homes were constructed with hardwood floors.

A professional house cleaner says:

It's easier to spot spills, pet hair, crumbs and debris on hardwood floors. Spills can be completely wiped up.

Wood needs to be cleaned -- vacuumed or swept, then mopped -- more often than carpet. Sweep it at least every other day

Hardwood floors are longer-lasting and can be refinished many times to freshen the look.

Hand-scraped wood flooring, with deeper grooves, hides the small dents and wear that can come from active families and pets.

It's a higher upfront investment than carpet, but hardwood adds a lasting value to a home that carpet can't.

It helps alleviate allergies.

We also would highly recommend  to install Hardwood  Floors  in your home, apartment or summer house .You will definitely benefit out of it  in a long run .


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