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(latin name Juglans nigra) – grows only in central parts of North America.

Countries: Central states of the USA



A little bit about this beauty: 

American Walnut is known for the pronounced color difference between its sapwood and heartwood. While heartwood ranges from a deep, rich dark brown to purplish black, sapwood is nearly white to tan. American walnut has mostly straight and open grain, although the grain can be curly or burled on some boards. Prominent color contrast and variation is what distinguishes American walnut hardwood from other species’ and gives it sought after exotic appearance and charm. Unlike most other wood species, American walnut tends to lighten over time.

Physical Properties:

Although softer than oak (1010 on the Janka scale), American walnut is a strong wood with excellent shock resistance properties.


Throughout history, American walnut has been a popular choice for manufacturing gunstocks, paddles, furniture and flooring.

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