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Bamboo flooring chicago

Bamboo flooring Chicago

   The results are in, 2013 is the year of Bamboo. Bamboo flooring, one of the most environmentally friendly ways to floor your home, is now one of the biggest trends sweeping the nation, and for good reasons.

Bamboo offers a sleek, modern take on hardwood floors.

Bamboo is unbelievably replenishable. In fact, it does the work for us, if we’re asleep at the regrowth wheel. Bamboo can shoot up 3 feet per day, topping at 125 feet high by 2 feet in diameter. Once done growing, it spreads its roots out and starts new plants, all by its own self. So it’s a big, new trend in flooring. Now, there are two types of colors, and two types of patterns. For colors, we have what are called natural and carbonized bamboo. Natural is just what it sounds like. The coloring resembles beech wood.

Natural Bamboo


Carbonized bamboo is basically treated with heat to darken the color to varying degrees. Generally, more brown.

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