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Hardwood Floors cleaning Chicago
Cleaning Hardwood Chicago

Here are some great tips of how to take a good care of your hardwood .Please take your time to read it :

  • Do vacuum and sweep your floor frequently, especially in high-traffic areas.

  • Do keep pets’ nails trimmed and their paws free of dirt, gravel, grease, oil, and stains.

  • Do use protective window coverings to block fade-causing UV rays and excessive heat from direct sunlight, and rearrange rugs and furniture periodically to help your floor age evenly.

  • Do remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on floor.

  • Do use a humidifier during heating seasons to help reduce wood shrinkage and maintain proper relative humidity (between 35% - 55%).


  • Do not wet-mop, damp-mop, or clean your floor with water or other liquids.

  • Do not use hardwood floor-cleaning or buffing machines or steam cleaners.

  • Do not use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax or other household products containing oil (such as citrus, lemon or tung oil), silicon or ammonia to clean floor.

  • Do not use harsh cleaning aids such as steel wool pads, any scouring pads containing metal or scouring powders.

  • Do not use 2-in-1 cleaners with polish that may contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss.