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Hickory flooring Chicago

Hickory Floors Chicago

    The experience of walking right into a room with hickory hardwood flooring is nothing short of breath-taking.



Thinking of Choose Hickory Flooring? Hickory hardwood is most famous for its striking colors and patterns. The wood ranges in coloration from cream to yellow, and the heartwood may be mild brown or reddish brown with coloration ranges in every single place in-between. The patterns may be strikingly daring or very mild and subtle. Typically, it is chosen for its subsequent greatest feature; It is a pure energy and hardness.

Our unfinished solid hickory flooring is one in all our most popular selections of unfinished hardwood flooring. Recognized for it is dramatic color variation, and it is naturally warm and appealing.

In our showroom we offer to our clients more choices on hickory wood pattern from our trusted partners.

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