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Is wood flooring in the bathroom a good choice?


Hardwood is a better bathroom flooring choice than, say, carpet, but it can still be very problematic. Moisture kills hardwood, and a bathroom is probably the most humid area of the entire home. Showers in the morning, warm baths for the kids in the evening… bathtub overflows, spills and splashes can severely damage the floor.

 Of all hardwood flooring options, engineered is a better choice for a bathroom than solid, as plywood or solid wood bottom layers hold up against moisture relatively well and are very dimensionally stable. An engineered hardwood floor could hold up well in spacious, well-ventilated bathrooms that doesn’t receive much traffic. This is not the case in large family households with kids, where no matter how responsible you try to be, there is always going to be more water left on the floor than you think.

Additionally, bathroom floors in large family households are bound to be damp most of the time, and this can lead to growth of mold. Although some harsh chemical cleaners can kill harmful mold and bacteria, they are likely to dull or damage hardwood floor finish as well.

Bathroom Floors that Look Like Hardwood

 Faux-hardwood surfaces – floors that imitate the look of real wood so well it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference – will work well. Many vinyl based floors can be matched to the look of hardwood quite nicely, so that your faux-hardwood floor will appear nearly indistinguishable from the real wood installed throughout the rest of your home.

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